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Dunlop was founded in 1888 by the Scotsman John Boyd Dunlop who invented modern inflatable tires. It was in 1923 that the first Dunlop tennis ball was created. In 1932, 9 years later, Dunlop launched the iconic Maxply tennis racket. This racket will be known worldwide and played by the greatest tennis players of the time such as Rod Laver and John McEnroe. Following this first success, the brand will go through the years and continue to improve its products intended for tennis players.


Each style of play is unique and Dunlop understands this well. The brand offers 3 ranges of tennis racquets: one for power, one for spin and one for control. A color code allows you to identify each of these ranges of rackets:

  • The CX range (red color) is played by Kevin Anderson and focused on ball control. It is intended for hitters looking for control, touch and precision in their game;
  • The SX range (yellow color) is developed for pure lifters who wish to imbue maximum spin and heaviness into their game;
  • The FX range (blue color) is created to provide maximum power on every strike.

The brand has available each of these ranges in different weights in order to suit as many players as possible.


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Control the power, the shot and the game! This is the motto of this range of rackets. The string pattern of these rackets has been designed to provide greater precision on each of your shots. Dunlop CX rackets also incorporate several technologies developed by the brand for its competition rackets. Comfort is greater thanks to Sonic Core technology which reduces vibrations by up to 37% compared to standard Dunlop rackets. Flex Booster technology will allow you to hit harder, for longer thanks to its filtration of harmful vibrations located in the handle area. Its square section and low rigidity promote control and touch of the ball. This range of rackets is therefore ideal for powerful players looking for control and precision without sacrificing comfort and ball feel.

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Put more Spin into your game with the Dunlop SX range of racquets. The Spin Boost technology incorporated into this range is designed to improve ball spin, power and control for more consistency in your game. The Spin Boost eyelets are reworked to achieve better string movement for ball trajectories more convex and controlled. Modern players hit the ball on the top of the head, which is why Dunlop has improved the sweetspot area by 30% on this series of racquets in order to bring more power to the hitting area thanks to its PowerGrid technology StringTech. The Sonic Core is also present in the to cushion shocks and reduce frame vibrations by up to 37%, providing more comfort when typing. This range of rackets will therefore be suitable for lifters looking for maximum spin.


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Pure power and sensation were the key words in developing the Dunlop FX range. A new eyelet structure balances power and comfort with great precision. The sweet spot is also enlarged due to greater string movement. This means you hit harder with more comfort. The new elliptical shape of the racket is designed to improve racket head speed and therefore provide more power. Flex Touch technology helps reduce vibrations and improve playing sensations. This range is therefore designed for players looking for power and sensation in their game without sacrificing comfort.


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Dunlop develops different ranges of strings to suit its rackets as well as the different playing styles sought after. The monofilament strings from the Explosive range are available in Original, Tour and Spin versions. Whether you are looking for control, touch of the ball, power or spin, you will find the polyester string made for your game among those offered by Dunlop. If you are looking for power and comfort, the Silk and Iconic multifilament string ranges will also suit your game.


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Dunlop tennis bags come in different formats, from thermobags that can accommodate up to 15 rackets to backpacks. Each Dunlop tennis bag is associated with a range of rackets and the corresponding color code (red for CX, Yellow for SX and blue for FX), so you can match your bag to the Dunlop racket of your choice.


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Dunlop balls are world famous and recognized. They equip many professional tournaments and competitions such as the Grand Slam. The best known is the Dunlop Fort All Court ball. This is also available in a Clay version for playing on clay. The brand is also known for manufacturing the Dunlop Australian Open ball, which is the official ball of the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament and offers very good resistance and a regular bounce.


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Dunlop also offers padel rackets that incorporate high-end carbon for extraordinary performance and consistency. Whether you are a beginner player or an experienced expert, you will find the ideal model for your game in the Dunlop range.


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