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Bullpadel is a Spanish padel brand created in 1995 by several Argentinian and Spanish professionals. In 2005, 10 years later, the Aguirre company bought the Bullpadel brand. It was that same year that Bullpadel decided to sponsor top players. The first was Cristian Gutiérrez. In the years that followed, the Spanish brand developed its partnerships and focused on women's padel by sponsoring several players such as Necky Berwig in 2008, then Iciar Montes in 2010, Cata Tenorio in 2011, then in 2019 Alejandra Salazar.

By developing its sponsorship, Bullpadel is also developing padel equipment intended for professional players. This is how in 2015 Maxi Sanchez joined the Bullpadel team with the brand's iconic racket: the Vertex. In 2016, Bullpadel will become the official sponsor of the World Padel Tour and once again sponsors the famous player Paquito Navarro to give birth to the Hack racket.


Bullpadel offers its large ranges of rackets according to the level of players they are intended for:

  • Pro Line: this range is intended for attacking players who have a good technical level. In this one we find the famous Hack and Vertex rackets;
  • Avant: This range is ideal for intermediate players who want to improve;
  • Mid: ideal for beginners, this range will offer you the best approach to starting padel.

Bullpadel rackets are also available depending on the different decks used. The Vertex thus have a deck divided into 4 parts for better stability. Each range of Bullpadel rackets is also available in several shapes: round, diamond, teardrop or even hybrid.

Bullpadel padel rackets integrate numerous technologies to improve their quality and the sensations they provide when playing. Among these we can cite the Air React Channel which equips the latest Vertex and Hack rackets and allows the The air passes through the heart of the racket for lighter and faster movements. The Custom Weight technology allows you to modify the weight of the racket to better personalize it according to your game. Many other technologies are also present to reduce vibrations (Vibradrive), improve the grip (Hesacore) or even improve the resistance of the racket (Xtend Carbon Fiber). Do not hesitate to see all our Bullpadel rackets to discover them.


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Bullpadel bags are available according to the ranges and models of rackets so that each player can have matching equipment. They are also available in different formats: from backpacks to easily transport rackets and small equipment to large-format bags with several compartments to store several rackets, clothing and accessories. Several models of Bullpadel bags have ventilated compartments to accommodate clothing as well as thermally insulated compartments to protect rackets from temperature variations.


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Bullpadel shoes are renowned on the circuit for their excellent qualities. Many professional players have adopted them in order to perform on the court. The Vertex Hybrid Fly model is designed to have maximum flexibility and lightness. The Next Hybrid Pro shoe is also designed for advanced players looking for stability and comfort.

The brand's latest padel shoes incorporate Vibram technology. The Vibram sole, specially designed for high-level padel, offers superior resistance, traction and grip.

You will find the shoes in men's, women's and children's versions.


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The Spanish brand offers a complete range of textiles for men, women and children. You will find a range ranging from technical clothing to effectively wick away perspiration as well as warm clothing for winter or to warm up.


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Bullpadel has four padel ball references that can be used on all types of courts:

  • The Bullpadel Premium Pro ball offers a regular bounce as well as great durability;
  • The Bullpadel Gold ball, which is resistant with a homogeneous bounce;
  • The Bullpadel Next ball provides maximum speed as well as great durability;
  • The Bullpadel Next Pro ball is the top-of-the-range model which offers excellent performance as well as a homogeneous bounce.


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