Black Crown padel rackets

The Black Crown padel rackets have a high quality of manufacture to offer breathtaking performance to your game. The wide range will suit all levels and all styles of play. You need advice to buy your racket padel? Consult our buying guide to buy your padel racket.

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Spanish brand specializing in the design of very comfortable padel rackets Black Crown has opted for a majority of round rackets to improve the control and tolerance of each racket. The brand is represented on the Pro WPT circuit by Marta Marrero and her pala Hurricane Pro.

Black Crown rackets are equipped with Low Density Piton Glass. Unique to the brand, this reinforced fiberglass is placed under the last layer of carbon for more flexibility, flexibility, comfort and touch of the ball. The diamond shapes, favoring power, are aimed at a more advanced level than the round ones which bring more control and playability.


COMPETITION : Maximum technologies for expert players looking for maximum performance. High quality carbon fibers are used for optimum performance. Players looking for power can find diamond-shaped palas like the Piton Attack 12k+ or the magnificent Special Power. The balls will come out easily for par 3 or par 4 pests! Straight players will rather opt for round shapes like the Hurricane Pro or the Piton 10.

ADVANCED : Best value for money for intermediate to advanced players. The rackets in the range are lighter and incorporate fiberglass for more flexibility and playability. The advanced silo is well balanced to suit a wide range of players.

INTERMEDIATETo start and progress quickly with palas at a reduced price. The Snake, Shark and Wolf are easy to play thanks to their round shape and large head.

JUNIOR : A range of high quality children's snowshoes for fun and high-performance practice.

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