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Growing really quickly, padel is the racket sport of tomorrow! Are you a competitor, a regular player or a leisure player? You will easily find the ideal padel racket for your game and at the best price.

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What criteria should I take into account when choosing?

First of all, it is important to point out that the padel racket is solid but has a lot of holes to let the air through. It is also shorter and thicker than a tennis racket. Also, Padel is played on a specific court with specific balls. The criteria for choosing a Padel racket will therefore be different from those for tennis rackets. The number of padel models is so large that it can be difficult to find the right one. It is important to identify your needs according to your level and type of play. To do this, you need to take into account several criteria. First of all, we advise you to take into account 3 main criteria:

  • the shape of the racket ;
  • the weight of the racket;
  • your level of play.

The shape of the Padel racket

There are 3 different shapes of Padel rackets:

  • Diamond Shape: Diamond shaped rackets are primarily intended for experienced players with excellent technique as this shape of racket provides maximum power to your shots. The average player will tend to make more unforced errors with this type of paddle shape. In addition, the diamond shape usually has a head balance for extra power;
  • Teardrop Shape: Teardrop shaped rackets offer the most versatility. Therefore it can suit a wide range of players from beginners to regular players with good technique. The teardrop shape is recommended for powerful players who like to play their shots with maximum power. Finally, the balance is in the middle and allows a very good manoeuvrability on this type of paddle racket;
  • Round Shape: Round rackets provide a lot of control and are particularly suitable for recreational and beginner players. The round shape offers maximum control and manoeuvrability due to its balanced handle. Finally, this shape of paddle racket will allow beginners to progress quickly.

Weight of the Padel rackets

Like their tennis cousins, Padel rackets also differ in weight. The average weight of a Padel racket is 350g. For beginners, we recommend a weight of less than 350g for more control and manoeuvrability in your shots. On the other hand, if you are a versatile player with a small and light frame, we recommend you to go for a 350g racket. This will give you an excellent compromise between control and power. Finally, if you are looking for power and have a good technique, we advise you to go for a weight above 350g. As with tennis rackets, the heavier the padel racket, the more power it will give you. Good technique is required to maintain good manoeuvrability.

Level of play

We will distinguish here 3 profiles of padel players:

  • The beginner: we advise the beginner to go for a padel racket that will offer maximum control in order to control the ball and not accumulate unforced errors.
  • The advanced player: this player will be able to choose a well balanced and versatile padel racket offering a good compromise between control and power.
  • The expert player with a preference and natural tendency to attack. In this case, we advise this type of player to start with a powerful model in order to increase and optimize your playing style.

Are you a powerful player looking for control or a player with a lack of natural power? Our team will be able to advise you on the most suitable paddle for your level and style of play and will be able to answer these questions in order to guide you towards the best paddle.

Major brands of padel rackets

By offering you the best prices on each range of rackets, you will be sure to get the best deal and enjoy a very fast delivery.

  • Head offers a wide range of rackets that will appeal to all game types and levels of play. They offer diamond, teardrop and round shaped padel rackets. Whether you are a recreational beginner, a club player or an experienced player, you will find the Head Padel racket that suits you. Head is represented at the highest level by the Argentinean Sanyo Gutiérrez known as "El Mago";
  • Bullpadel is the pioneer brand in the padel market. It has participated in the emancipation of this discipline throughout the world thanks to the one who is considered the best player in the history of this young discipline: Paquito Navarro. Today the brand offers a complete range of paddle rackets that will satisfy all types of players thanks to its round, diamond and teardrop shapes;
  • Babolat has been present on the Padel market for several years. The brand has developed its range in order to offer the best possible rackets to players ranging from beginners to experienced. You will find a majority of rackets in the shape of a water drop as well as more or less coloured rackets in order to satisfy the aggressive, defensive or versatile players. The brand is played by the current world number 1, the Spanish Juan Lebron ;
  • Black Crown is a relatively new brand but has already been adopted by several Wolrd Padel Tour players such as Adrián Allemandi. Their rackets offer good value for money and their best known range is certainly the Black Crown Piton.

To carry your padel rackets, brands also offer padel bags in the colours of their ranges.

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