Nox padel rackets

Nox is a Spanish brand of padel equipment founded in 2009. Its great strength is to be specialized only in padel. Their rackets are played by some of the greatest professionals like Miguel Lamperti, Agustin Tapia or the Sanchez Alayeto twins.

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Nox brand ranges

Nox produces different ranges made up of round, tear or diamond shaped padel rackets:

  • The World Padel Tour Luxury Series is the latest from Nox, it brings together the Tempo, Nerbo and Nexo rackets that were made for the World Padel Tour after intense research and development work by the brand. Advanced and expert players who are looking for a very high quality racket with high technicality and excellent performance will be able to choose this range;
  • The Luxury Series is made up of high quality full carbon rackets that will suit players with a good level. They were created in collaboration with professional players like Agustín Tapia or Mapi and Maro Sánchez Alayeto;
  • The ML10 Pro Series brings together the brand's flagship models that have proven themselves for several years;
  • The Advance Series is ideal for occasional to regular players who want a design and quality padel racket that will allow them to improve their game. They are signed by the World Padel Tour;
  • The Casual Series will suit casual or beginner players looking for a quality racquet at an affordable price to keep progressing.

Technologies of Nox padel rackets

Nox incorporates several technologies into its padel rackets to improve their performance or resistance:

  • Multilareyed Black Eva: several layers of EVA foam of different densities compose the heart of the racket for a better distribution of energy on the surface;
  • HR3 Core: HR3 foam accelerates the recovery of the racquet's core shape after impact, helping to deliver maximum power on all racquet shots;
  • Carbon 12K and 3K: the carbon of the rackets is obtained by interweaving the fiber threads to form small squares, Nox uses in its racket fibers with a weight greater than that of standard carbon fiber to give the racket a greater durability;
  • 3K Fiber: a 3K fiber weave with a higher weight than standard carbon fiber gives the racket greater durability.
  • 3K Fiber Glass Silver: a fiberglass weave with a metallic finish improves the stiffness between carbon and fiberglass;
  • Rough Surface: The last layer on the head of the racquet has a rough surface that allows better spin;
  • Dynamic Composite Structure (DCS): the volume of materials is densified up to four centimeters towards the head of the racket in order to reduce the difference in hardness between the frame and the head, the strikes made with the outer areas of the racket are therefore less likely to cause fiber cuts or flattening of the rubber that makes up the heart of the racquet;
  • Carbon Frame: a carbon frame brings more rigidity and sturdiness to the frame and the racquet in general;
  • Anti-vibration System: system for absorbing vibrations caused by off-center blows;
  • Oversize Grip: a longer racquet handle for better grip.
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