BullPadel padel rackets

Bullpadel is a Spanish brand dedicated to padel. It offers a wide range of padel rackets for all levels. High-performance and quality, Bullpadel rackets offer incredible sensations whatever your style of play, whether you are looking for a powerful racket to finish points or a racket offering control to hit all areas!

If you need advice on choosing your racket, do not hesitate to consult our padel racket buying guide.

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Pro Line

€299.99 €212.42
€299.99 €212.42
€219.99 €155.75
€229.99 €162.42
€289.95 €204.92
€289.99 €204.92
€219.99 €155.75
€269.99 €190.75
€244.99 €173.25
€277.99 €196.58
€269.95 €105.71
€269.95 €133.25

Limited Edition

€349.95 €158.15
€319.95 €174.83
€289.95 €166.50
€289.95 €166.50


€174.99 €123.25
€174.99 €123.25
€149.99 €105.75
€124.95 €88.25

Performance Line

€79.95 €56.58
€79.95 €56.58
€79.95 €56.58
€99.95 €70.75
€119.95 €83.25


€89.95 €45.66
€89.95 €49.83
€89.95 €48.21

The ranges of the Bullpadel brand

Bullpadel offers quality padel rackets adapted to the level of play of each player. It notably equips many professional players such as Paquito Navarro, Maxi Sánchez, Delfina Brea and the French Laura Clergue.

In order to be able to offer models adapted to everyone's practice and habits, Bullpadel offers its rackets in round, tear, diamond or even hybrid shapes. These rackets are divided into several large ranges that correspond to the level of player for which they are intended:

  •      Pro Line: intended for experienced players, we find the famous Hack and Vertex rackets;
  •      Avant: intended for intermediate players who want to improve;
  •      Mid: ideal for beginners;

The Vertex range is comfortable and will allow tennis players to easily switch to padel practice. The Hack range is intended for padel players with an advanced level. For beginners or intermediate players, the Flow or Raider ranges will allow you to progress in safety.

Technologies of Bullpadel padel rackets

Bulldapel is an innovative brand that offers many technologies incorporated into its range of rackets:

  • Air React Channel: equips the latest rackets from the Vertex and Hack ranges. It allows air to pass through the heart of the racquet through an open channel, resulting in a firmer, more agile and lighter package;
  • Xtend Carbon fiber: uses bi-axially interwoven 12K carbon strips. The rackets therefore weigh less and obtain better resistance and rigidity;
  • Nerve: based on the presence of channels on the edges of the frame to increase rigidity while at the same time reducing weight to achieve greater control;
  • Hesacore: honeycomb-shaped grip to play more loosely and gain more control over your shots;
  • Custom Weight Grip: allows you to add and remove weights in the handle of the padel racket in order to obtain more control, more power or better balance;
  • Vibradrive: mounting system in the handle incorporating a piece of rubber to absorb the vibrations produced in the game;
  • TopSpin: a rough finish surface that allows a better grip;
  • MetalShield and Protector Custom Weight: in the compartments of the MetalShield protector you can place up to 3 aluminum adhesive plates of 3 grams to modify the balance of the racket;
  • MultiEva: Breaks down the foam into two densities to better respond to both slow and fast balls, with the outer layer allowing you to react against the former with more power and the inner layer allowing you to respond to the latter with more control.
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