Siux Padel Rackets


The Siux range of rackets are developed to suit both men and women as well as juniors, whether you are a beginner player or a fierce competitor. Our selection will allow you to find the padel racket adapted to your level of play.

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Siux Cayman Racket

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Young Spanish padel brand created in 2013, Siux has established itself with its quality rackets played by many professional players such as Scupa, Gomes or Sanyo. Whether you opt for a fiberglass padel racket for beginners or a carbon padel racket for performance, you can't go wrong by choosing a Siux racket!


Siux offers a wide range of padel rackets suitable for all players, regardless of level.

Experts will turn more to Fenix rackets, which are intended for players looking for power. The Diablo range is aimed at demanding players who want maximum versatility.

The Electra ST2 racket in Carbon 12k designed for Stupa is intended for players looking for the best compromise between power, precision and spin. These rackets are ideal for players from advanced to professional level.

Siux also offers rackets suitable for club players, beginners or intermediate, looking for forgiveness and playability. To start, the Optimus Pro or Inspire will be perfect. To progress, we recommend the Astra range in order to take a step forward and get closer to the advanced level.


We offer a wide range of accessories to support your practice of padel. The Padel Siux bags will allow you to protect and transport your rackets in complete safety.

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