Head padel rackets

Whether you want to start padel with a simple and effective padel racket or you are a seasoned player looking for top-flight performance, you will find the padel racket you need in the Head range! Our favourite: the Speed range for its high level of versatility, performance and its magnificent design!

If you need advice on choosing your racket, do not hesitate to consult our padel racket buying guide.

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Limited Edition

€320.00 €266.58
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€260.00 €216.58


€280.00 €158.17
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-39% Head Delta Pro Racket
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Head Extreme One Racket

€280.00 €170.66
€280.00 €166.51
€240.00 €141.50
€200.00 €112.33


-60% Head Speed Pro Racket
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Head Speed Pro X Racket

€380.00 €149.84
€260.00 €133.18
€260.00 €108.25
€220.00 €91.50


€280.00 €99.17
€240.00 €74.83
€200.00 €74.84


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€180.00 €79.05

Head padel rackets: guaranteed sensations

Head equips many professional players. The quality of their framework is approved in particular for Arturo Coello, one of the best players in the world. Whatever your level and your style of play, you will find among the Head rackets the one adapted to your needs.

Head padel rackets are available in different ranges with their own specificities.

  • The Speed, Flash and Gamma ranges which offer a teardrop shape for great versatility. If the Flash and Gamma ranges are intended for players of a beginner to intermediate level, the Speed range will appeal more to players of an advanced to expert level.

  • The Speed range (formerly Alpha) is aimed at a wide range of players. It provides power under control and feeling when hitting. Head Speed padel rackets have the Soft Buttcap for even more playing comfort.

  • The Delta range played by Arturo Coello in a diamond shape that will be appreciated by intermediate to expert players looking for power and spin. Head Delta racquets are perfect for left players who need to finish points.

  • The new Gravity are intended for players looking for control, sensations and tolerance. Their round striking surface has a rough surface for more spin. Head Gravity racquets are ideal for right players looking to defend and regain control of the point.

  • The round-shaped Zephyr range is intended for intermediate level players looking for tolerance, precision and comfort.

Each family of rackets is available in terms of weight and technology. There is generally a pro version, perfect for players of an advanced level with solid technique and a motion version, more manageable which will be ideal for women of an advanced level or men looking for maneuverability. Finally, the Elite version will be more accessible in terms of price and will be aimed at beginners or intermediate players. The Speed range offers the Pro X version for expert players looking for maximum performance with its 12k carbon surface.

Technologies integrated into Head padel rackets

Padel Head rackets have many technologies that you can find in most of the brand's models. They make it possible to accentuate comfort, control or power, or to promote spin or durability:

  • The Auxetic construction of the latest racquets provides perfect hitting sensations;
  • Graphene 360+ which ensures performance, comfort and ever sharper sensations;
  • The Power Foam is a foam at the heart of the racquet that provides power and comfort on each ball strike;
  • The Comfort Foam is a foam in the heart of the racquet which aims to maximize comfort;
  • Anti Shock Skin: protection placed on the frame so that it is more resistant to shocks and scratches;
  • Twisted Fibres: fibers stretch with each impact with the ball, allowing a better feel and a more powerful response;
  • The Smart Bridge which is a specific bridge for ever more power, precision and control depending on the model;
  • The Optimized Sweet Spot which allows Head racquets to have specific optimal hitting zones for each type of racquet in order to provide greater forgiveness.
  • The Soft Buttcap is a soft, flexible sleeve cap that prevents injuries and blisters and improves feel and touch.

Accessories for your racket

Head offers many accessories to support your practice of padel. Padel Head bags will allow you to protect and transport your rackets in complete safety. Do not hesitate to use Head Sanyo pro and Head Bela pro overgrips for better grip.

Choose your padel racket with the help of a specialist

Specialist in tennis and padel, Extreme Tennis offers a wide selection of padel rackets at the best prices. If you have any doubts about choosing a padel racket, you can contact us directly on the online chat to be put in touch with an expert who will guide you on the best possible choice.

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